Design Workout: Tone It Up Style

As an office of young women, we often find our office talk drifting to conversations recapping our favorite reality shows. We’ve already blogged about our love affair with Andy Cohen of Bravo fame, so it makes perfect sense that our newest favorite reality show is Toned Up on Bravo. If you haven’t seen Toned Up let me give you my elevator pitch: Its like the Health and Fitness category on Pinterest with a storyline attached.

One of our favorite aspects of the show (apart from the quirky happenings between Katrina and Karena, the stars of the show and owners of the multi-million dollar company, Tone It Up) is the eye candy… the home decor eye candy! These girls have some serious style. The suzani and zebra print chair in the first episode had us practically drooling!

While we wouldn’t change a single item in their beachy, vintage, eclectic apartment, we thought we’d take a shot at replicating their style to make it available for purchase to all the other ‘Tone Up’ style fans!


What do you think Karena and Katrina? Does this home office do your space justice?

Anne Marie Signature


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