Are You Living The ‘Snug’ Life?

Recently, the Huffington Post published an article called 10 Things You Should Have In Your Home By The Time You Are 30. As I so often do these days, I scanned the article and then got right to the good stuff, the comments section! Nothing irks people more than telling them what they should have and do, and if you are really gunning for their last nerve, tell them they should have it by the time they’re 30. If the comment section is any indicator, that really annoys the 30-somethings.

Huffington, indeed.

But, let’s be honest, setting aside arbitrary age caps, there are things we should all probably have, but they’re not sexy. For example, most fire extinguishers are like catastrophic accident insurance; you buy it, you stick it in a drawer and hope you never need it. But if you do need it, you really do. And, behold, if one is willing to look a little, one can actually find a sexy fire extinguisher. A first aid kit with an epi-pen is also probably a good idea. Extra batteries, a good flashlight, and a reserve battery for the cell phone? Also handy.

Now that the necessities are out of the way, and we know your abode is safe from wayward grease fires, anaphylactic shock, and blackouts, let’s talk about how to make your house a cozy adult home. The Huffington Post says the 30-somethings need a “real couch.” Now, there’s a suggestion we can get behind, but not because we need to keep up with the 30-something neighbors. We like to lounge in comfort AND style!

The Huffington Post article goes on to outline the need for matching wine glasses and dutch ovens. We say maybe, but only if you drink and cook. But, what if you don’t? Chances are you sleep in a bed (or aspire to). Maybe it’s time to think about furnishing your bedroom. Again, not because we’re 30-something (or, ahem, older) but because after we’re done lounging, we like to sleep in comfort and style!

We are not going to generate an arbitrary list of things you ought-might-could-should have. Have what you like! But I will categorically say that one should not underestimate the returns one reaps when one invests in comfort. So here is my recipe for maximum relaxation at home:

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And there you have it. What do YOU need to maximize relaxation at home?

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