Designer Spotlight: Dino Sanchez

Here at LookNook, we all have a pretty entrepreneurial spirit and love supporting designers who are following their passion and making home goods on a smaller scale. So, we’ve turned our spotlight to NYC native, Dino Sanchez, and his rad light fixtures, shelves, and wood accessories. Dino’s aesthetic is utilitarian and purposeful but also leans toward the classic and iconic. All of his pieces are designed by him and handmade by local artisans with plenty of attention to detail.

We reached out to Dino and asked him a few questions about his work:

What are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by utility and purpose. I try to quantify what an object should look like even if that means an understated aesthetic. I cook often and find the best meals have minimal ingredients, use tried and true methods and deliver exactly what you have in mind.

Form follows function. We can dig that. What piece do you feel best represents your design aesthetic and inspiration?

The Bracket Lamp is a signature of this point of view. It’s explicit and gives off a familiar aesthetic. Walls are precious surfaces in the home, they’re where we hang our expressions. With all my work, it’s important that I create things that feel right in the home and don’t just look good in a magazine.

Check out Dino’s online shop and let us know what you think! It’s safe to say we are digging it in the office since we just completed a bedroom design with his iconic, yet understated, Bracket Lamp.

Holly Signature


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