Simple Style, Big Impact

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We all know the expression the “devil’s in the details,” which roughly translates into if you’re not mindful of the small, seemingly insignificant bits of, say, a larger project, the whole enterprise can fail. Alternatively, sometimes the small, seemingly insignificant, details are the things that actually create the big impact.

Case in point: jeans and a t-shirt. Jeans and a t-shirt can be schlubby or perfectly polished and appropriate for a wide array of events. The difference is in the details. Is the ensemble pulled together with a great pair of boots? A tailored jacket? A classic watch? A neatly pressed shirt? The details are what make this combo the classic go-to that it is.

Such is the case with decor. Small details can have a transformative impact, taking your room from ‘meh’ to a polished, pulled-together wowzie-wow-wow room. Yeah, I said it: wowzie-wow-wow. And you know exactly what I mean too.

Case in point: lighting. You might not think much about lighting, that is, until you are somewhere that has really well placed, appropriate lighting.

Lighting is funny. We need what it provides, but not all lighting sources are created equal. Sometimes you want lamps that are strictly utilitarian and sometimes you want lamps that flank your sofa like your favorite earrings frame your face. For renters, lighting is often overlooked because so many rentals have unattractive overhead lighting that can’t be altered. However, you can take the focus off unattractive light fixtures and their often unforgiving, unflattering light by not using overhead lights and using more ambient table and floor lamps instead.

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  1. These sconces are pretty and practical. Hang them above the nightstands in your bedroom or above the end tables in your living room to free up space on the table top and add an unexpected, customized element to your decor.
  2. This chrome floor lamp is super versatile. Place it next to a couch or chair for task lighting, adjust its range for a little more ambient lighting, or use it to illuminate a dark corner of your space.
  3. While this edison bulb floor lamp may appear minimal, industrial and rustic furnishings are having a huge impact on the design industry right now. Update your living room with this industrial floor lamp and assure yourself that this small addition is completely worth the investment.
  4. Carrying on with the same ‘exposed bulb’ theme, this table lamp has a bit more neutral style than the industrial floor lamp. Simple and modern, this fixture will shed light on your desk or nightstand in style.

So, just a little attention to details like lighting can go a long way towards taking a room from okay to “oh yay!”

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