A Personal Shopper For $199

In the December issue of Elle there is an article in which the author describes how she’s not really a ‘fur girl’ but owns one because her adored grandmother insisted upon gifting her one on her birthday. Her adoration of the gift is tempered by her instinct to post a sign around her neck that says something like, “I’m not a fur girl. My deceased grandmother, whom I loved, gave me this coat. Don’t judge me!” This calls to mind the fact, in life, we sometimes receive amazingly generous and thoughtful gifts that are not quite ‘us.’

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift, whether something lavish like a fur, or something simple like a framed picture of you and your bestie. Eventually, we all receive gifts that have much in the way of sentimental value, but which are not in the image of our taste. Unless the people who gift you these things share exactly the same taste, favorite colors and live in the exact floor plan as you, there will be gifts that leave you scratching your head as to how to incorporate them into your vision of a stylish and pulled together space.

There is a reason housewares and decorative items are increasingly popular gifts. They are relatively inexpensive, wrappable and shippable, and the gifter doesn’t have to worry about details like choosing the correct size. Whether as a result of your own shopping misfires, or because your friends are thoughtful and generous but don’t share your aesthetic, it’s likely you already have seemingly random bits of decor in your house. Maybe you have them stashed in a closet for the imaginary day when restyle your bookshelves, or maybe they are stuck in a guest room that has become a catch-all for odds and ends.

Sources: White Blanket / / Brown Blanket / / Rug

Stop it! You’ve got to work those items into your everyday life, so you can enjoy the sentimental value they bring. Embrace the spirit of of the gift and freshen your space with items from the people you love most!

Not sure how to make them work with your aesthetic? Do not despair! Our clever design team is here to show you how to work offbeat and non-matchy items seamlessly into your decor. Take for example, the trend toward faux fur accents. Think those work only in ski chalets? Think again. The designers at LookNook have taken the trend toward faux fur accessories and shown how they can work in a variety of rooms. LookNook Pro Customization is the perfect gift to give yourself so that you can start the new year with a pulled together, stylized space in which all your items, small or large, lavish or simple, can be enjoyed throughout the entire year.

This family room design incorporates a white faux fur pillow with traditional and eclectic furnishings.

An eclectic living space features a rustic and traditional cowhide rug.

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Sources: Sheepskin / / White Pillow / / Tan Pillow


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