Design & Style Curations: A Fashionable Inspiration

Despite my simple office appropriate outfits and my dingy at home sweatpants, I consider myself a somewhat fashion-minded person (not to be confused with fashionable, for whom fashion choices come easy). While I enjoy passing the time browsing my favorite fashion blogs Delightfully Tacky & Kendi Everyday, I just don’t have time to research the trends and source the goods. So, I resort to sale rack impulse buys that leave my closet feeling lackluster. Enter my New Years Resolution: to quit the “this only sort of fits/works/looks good, but it’s on sale!” reasoning, and put my money towards purchasing quality, classic pieces that will last for years. This applies to all fashion choices, including home decor.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I impulse buy furnishings like other ladies impulse buy a tabloid magazine. My bank account isn’t the only thing pleading for me to stop; my overcrowded living room is starting to wear on my roommate. Therefore, I’m planning on only purchasing products that I love and that also coordinate with pieces I already have.

Being fashion-minded but not fashionable, I don’t quite have the talent to pick out an outfit that works well together, so I’m loving the clothing websites like Ruche that are pairing their pieces together to make the perfect outfit. In one stop, I can get a sure-to-impress outfit. A big shout out to all you fashionable ladies at Ruche for putting together classic outfits for holiday parties and helping me snag a killer NYE outfit. My gift to you? Four classic room collections inspired by your outfits. Room curation and outfit curation go hand in hand, coming to the rescue of those who desire great design, but lack the resources or the talent to pull it together themselves. Hopefully these styled room designs help a design-minded individual as much as you’ve helped me!

Ruche identifies this outfit as the one in which you’ll sip champagne with coworkers. Not unlike the coordinating living room, these two designs feature classic neutrals with a touch of pattern and texture. You’ll feel comfortable in the house when entertaining in this living room.

An outfit and room combo in which you can feel relaxed and warm while gathering with your family. Sophisticated and comfortable, this Treasure Trove living room will make your guests feel right at home.

Slightly modern and edgy, but all in good taste, this living room is perfectly suited for a NYE party with your best friends, as is its inspirational outfit.

Everyone wants to throw the ultimate holiday party. Shop Ruche and LookNook for the perfect pairing of upscale basics and unexpected accessories with this gray and teal combo.

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