The very first LookNook blog equated the seemingly effortless style of Jennifer Aniston’s hair to the kind of aesthetic I was hoping to cultivate in my home. Unfortunately, it seems I need to tweak that analogy.

If you’ve stood in the supermarket checkout line, you’ve seen sad photographic evidence that Jennifer Aniston’s sunkissed golden tresses are no more. It seems that she, specifically her hair, was the victim of a botched Brazilian Blowout, and the result is an untimely chin length bob.

Three things come to mind: 1.) Bad things happen to good hair and 2.) Could be worse, I think we all agree that a botched Brazilian Blowout is better than botching that other kind of Brazilian, and 3.) Chin up, Jen, who among us has not suffered a hair tragedy?

Sometimes you gotta take your lemons and turn them into fabulous lemonade. It’s the holidays and you’ve got great clavicles, so rock that bob and some statement earrings like you meant to all along.

Style tragedy averted. Now back to challenges of achieving that carefree, effortless aesthetic.

This year Thanksgiving falls during Hannukah. Festive, right? However, Thanksgivakkuh 2013 presents a unique entertaining challenge. What takes center stage? The turkey? A cornucopia overflowing with delicious latkes? (Um, yes please.) And, what about the color scheme? Warm autumnals and blue and white on the same table doesn’t say effortless, careless maybe, but not effortless. What’s a design-minded host to do?

This begs the question: What Would Jennifer Aniston Do? (Mind you, I don’t actually know Jennifer Aniston but if I did, we’d totally solve this decor dilemma together, with Chelsea Handler and a bottle of Belvedere, whilst defacing pictures of Angelina Jolie, but perhaps I digress….) Maybe your guests don’t celebrate Hannukkah, but I’ve got plenty of friends who do, so I intend on being prepared.


Here’s my solution: I’m marching over to Jonathan Adler and purchasing this, or maybe this. And then, I’m pulling out my Christmas lights and I’m going to attempt an artful arrangement of white pumpkins and blue and white lights on a black runner on the buffet. Instead of mashed potatoes, I’ll serve latkes and sour cream on these. (Yeah, buddy!) The table will stay autumnal because, frankly, I don’t have a Hannukkah tablecloth. Remember, the goal is effortless style. Granted, we now know that Jennifer Aniston’s effortless style involved a chemically induced straightener, but that’s beside the point. We want it to look like we care, but not so much as to make our guests feel bad about their inabilities to marry two diametrically opposed color schemes.

And finally, in the interest of merging these seemingly incongruous occasions, I leave you with this: one of the blessings recited as the Menorah is lit says, “We light these candles for the miracles and the wonders…” so this sentiment and the sentiment behind Thanksgiving, gathering together to count our blessings, do merge gracefully after all. You’ve just got to rock those autumn colors and that blue and white like you meant to all along.

Happy Thanksgivukkah, everyone!

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