Thanksgiving Table Decor Under $70

In today’s Pinterest-obsessed world, it’s hard to believe that there exist women who prioritize tabletop decor over the taste of their food. But, we can’t all be Julia Child; some of us must make up for our lackluster cooking with a showstopper of a tabletop presentation.

Now, I can throw down in the gluten free baking department, but let’s be honest: the best gluten free cookie doesn’t hold a candle to a even subpar chock-full-of-wheat cookie. Pair that with my lack of ability for turkey basting, potato peeling, and green bean casserole concocting, and the chance for any sort of delicious Thanksgiving Day meal starts looking pretty grim.

My tablescape, however, isn’t looking as grim. In fact, I think my tabletop presentation is looking pretty top notch, and that is enough to set this hostess’ mind at ease. All of my fellow not-quite-Julia-Childs out there still stand a chance at hosting a fancy, compliment worthy event. If you can’t wow them with your turkey, why not wow them with the power of decor? (A bit of mulled wine doesn’t hurt either.) Give thanks for tablescapes for under $75!f536ac1a7171a4aeec1aa48b40fe728f


Wine Decanter / / Placemats / / ‘Crystal’ Napkin Rings


Spike’ Napkin Rings / / Slate Tile Place Cards / / Cloche Table Lamp

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