Formula 1: Reved Up For Your Little One

Formula 1 has been enjoying quite the love affair with Austin since the opening of Circuit of the Americas last year. Next weekend F1 fans from around the globe will descend upon Austin to watch the races and enjoy the varied activities that accompany big, international, gazillion dollar events. In addition to watching the races, F1 visitors will attend concerts, upscale adult cocktail parties, as well as a whole host of family-friendly games and festivals, not to mention all the other typical city fun, like exploring Austin’s great bars, restaurants and shops.

What’s that? You still haven’t booked a hotel? Head over to LIV It Up Austin for luxury Formula1 home rentals and services. They’ll find you a fabulous place, and provide white glove, concierge-style service for the entire weekend!

An event of this magnitude even has the skies abuzz with helicopters which will ferry you between the track and your downtown hotel for a mere $550. Sounds crazy? Hey, at least you don’t have to pay for parking if you fly in!

Check out LookNook’s Formula 1 inspired nursery, the Vroom Room. Boys of all ages love race cars, but instead of looking kitschy, this nursery looks sleek, sophisticated and upscale, just like its inspiration, Formula 1. Vroom!

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