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Ah, Thanksgiving.

The only holiday that does not rotate on an axis of gift giving, Thanksgiving is a day for reflecting upon one’s bountiful gifts, throwing down in the kitchen, and spontaneous couch napping. It’s a great day to entertain friends and family and to make memories around the table.

Sure, you’ve got your menu and your guest list, but do you have some style inspiration for your tablescape and guest areas? What about your decor or your tablescape says autumnal-earthy-golden-glow-of-gratitude? Have you got a centerpiece? Special linens? Hurricane lamps filled with candles and miniscule gourds? I once knew person who kept a mini Christmas tree erected all year and just redecorated for the seasons. Turkey tree, anyone? Not your flavor of festive?

At any rate, though Thanksgiving is a great holiday stuck between two crafty-crafter holidays, Halloween and Christmas. Let’s give credit where it’s due: the food is better and Thanksgiving doesn’t involve questionable wardrobe choices or socially awkward gift exchanges. It deserves a little extra love.

This year, host a Friendsgiving a few weeks before the holiday! It gives you an excuse to bust out your bar cart, a reason to deep clean before the in-laws come in town, and a chance to test recipes on your tipsy friends. Win, win, win!

Making it Lovely gives you six ways to set your table for the holiday. Tip: mix affordable white dishes with some splurge worthy gold and silver accented dishes to give your table an expensive feel on a budget.

HGTV shows you ways to decorate with acorns. Although they claim its a bit nutty, I think its not!

So there ya have it, some LookNook favorites for setting the scene this Thanksgiving (don’t worry, we’ll be back in a few weeks with recipes!) And because you should look as good as the food tastes, here is a personal style tip to stay looking fresh while prepping and cleaning and cooking.

BONUS: it is sexier than a hair net!

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This classic dining room integrates effortlessly into the twenty first century with the addition of fresh accents. The perfect design to impress your holiday guests young and old.


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