Bling On A Budget

There is no question that creating a home from hand-me-down, pieced together, hodge-podgy, mish-mashery has its benefits. It can be practical, as in you have a table that you don’t need, I need a table, there ya go, done deal. It’s ‘green.’ Although back in the day we didn’t look at it as ‘recycling’ or ‘repurposing,’ we looked at it as, ‘I’m a student. Garage sale prices fit my budget.’ So, we took what we could scrape together and we did our best with it. I became a wizard at spot cleaning, fumigating, and slipcovering. I daresay my crappy college and post-college apartments always managed to at least look like I cared…a little.

As I gained resources I followed the typical trajectory of passing along my furniture to up and coming friends, or ditching it on the curb (like so many discarded boyfriends) and replacing pieces by way of what seemed like epic trips to a certain large Swedish retailer. Eventually I realized that type of furniture, though affordable, generally good looking, and definitely cleaner than my yard sale treasures, did not get me any closer to my vision of the perfect Shan-pad.

So, I began to slowly replace these pieces with more permanent, less sketchy, pieces from antique stores, eBay and Craigslist (yay for eBay and Craigslist!). When I felt bold, I would indulge in an occasional foray into what I call “adult furniture stores” which, now that I actually type that out, sound a lot more titillating than they really are. Anyhow, one trip into a brand name furniture showroom, and I was quickly reminded of why I went the hand-me-down, mish-mash route in the first place. And that is, “real” grown up furniture can be expensive!

But, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be cray-cray kookytown spendy. The clever and talented LookNook design team has assembled some budget-friendly room designs, all of which come in at under $2500, and that’s for real, brand spanking new, don’t have to be de-loused, spot cleaned, fumigated or slipcovered furniture and accessories.

You are a grown up on a budget. Now your living room can be too.

This budget-friendly room manages to be chic without being aloof. The overall vibe is modern and sleek in the major furniture pieces, while the accessories are more casual to keep the room from being too fussy. Get this look for around $2000!

A dramatic rug sets the scene for this rich and and elegant, but still casual, living room. The overall palette is neutral except for dashes of color and texture which create visual interest. See this design, ringing in around $2200!

The perfect combination of neutrals and jewel tones mix in this beautiful traditional room. The sofa’s shape is elegant and bold, while its color is neutral and subdued against the dramatic rug and wall art, creating a striking palette for the room. Click here to get this design for $2200!

Modern, sleek, gender-neutral and oh-so-perfecto, this living room will delight you. Bold, tasteful and unexpected color choices set the stylish tone here. Get this design here for only $2000!

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