Andy Cohen’s WWHL Studio Refresh

Let’s say you are a designer at LookNook where we chat about silly things in popular culture. Let’s also say that even after suffering a humiliating injury (dang it, yoga!) you decide to hit the town for South by Southwest, a major pop culture event in Austin, TX. So you get dressed, velcro your leg brace atop your favorite jeans, gloss your lips, grab your crutches and head downtown for some hopeful celebrity spotting.

Are you with me so far?

Now, if you could choose one television personality to run into while you are drinking and crutching your way across town, who might it be? Before you shout out “Ryan Gosling!” or some such crush-worthy celebrity, think this through. You’d have to really admire the person because, HELLO, you’re hobbling about on crutches. For you to go out of your hobbled way to meet this person, he would have to be a knee-slappingly funny; smart and articulate; stylish but not stuffy; all-around good time. So, who makes that cut?

Tall order, right?

Well, as it turns out, our very own Anne Marie Speck has the perfect answer. She met Bravo T.V.’s Andy Cohen during this year’s SXSW, and we couldn’t agree more that this guy is set-down-your-cocktail-and-hobble-across-the-room-to-meet-him-worthy.

Our research revealed two juicy tidbits about Mr. Cohen that affirms our adoration and admiration. According to an interview with New York Magazine, he spends his work days, (and we paraphrase) “talking, watching t.v., spouting opinions, schmoozing, negotiating, and having a little cocktail” (My workdays are shockingly similar, with the addition of a Target run or three). Add to that the fact Andy Cohen’s favored cocktail is a ‘fresquila’ (fresca and tequila) and well, who wouldn’t want to hang out with him? In fact, I think my next Target run will be made all the more glamorous by stashing a fresquila in a Hello Kitty thermos and schmoozing in the aisles.

The Lovely Ladies of the LookNook studio agree that hanging with the multi-talented, media powerhouse, first openly gay late night talk show host in the U.S., author of Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture, Emmy Award winner, Peabody Award winner, and all around mensch, would be a hoot. He is the perfect mixture of grown up accolades (Emmy and Peabody? Hello!) and saucy humor (Jackhole of the Day, anyone?) Not to mention, he’s just a media powerhouse and a top notch conservator of the fine American art of twerking. We laughed our collective mid-century loving heads off when he twerked by the mid-century glassware…LOL!

Since we’re crushing hard on Andy, we decided to pull together an equally crush worthy design for the Watch What Happens Live studio, in the chance that they may be looking to give the space a new look. What do you think? Did we pull off modern and sleek, colorful and whimsical, and gender neutral in one space?

Mazel to you Andy Cohen for being fab. And Mazel to our designer Anne Marie Speck for tracking Andy Cohen down during SXSW. The pic is blurry, but then again, that’s sort of how the world looked to her at that moment, with her taking so many shotskis and all… Lay off the fresquila, will ya, Anne Marie?

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