ProTips: How To Hang Window Treatments

LookNook is proud to announce a recurring feature, LookNook Pro-Tips. Today’s Pro-Tip deals with choosing and placing window treatments correctly. There is no question that the right window treatments can have a dramatic impact on the look and function of any room.

Benefits of choosing the right window treatments:

  1. You can accentuate and enhance the illusion of space. The illusion of window width and ceiling height can be manipulated with well-chosen window treatments.
  2. You can draw attention to, or away from, window shape and sizes.
  3. Choosing the right fabric color and pattern plays a big role in the room’s style, not only by adding texture and softness to a room, but also fabric manages light, heat, and/or drafts.
  4. Choosing fabric panels with generous width creates a designer look. Your window treatments will lay fuller, avoiding the skinny “off the rack” look. The scale and proportion of the curtains is in relation to the walls and room around it. So, select the wider panel when possible. Two panels per side will work too.

Tips for placement:

A word on window treatment projects, before you even get started, know that you will need at the very least, a tape measure, a pencil, an electric screwdriver or drill, and a level. You may also need hemming tape and an iron.

  1. Measure from the floor to the top of the window, including trim to determine the length (measured in inches) of the curtains that you’ll need to purchase.
  2. Measure from top of window to ceiling. To add the illusion of height, the rod should be installed closer to the ceiling, 4”- 6” down. Do not install curtain rod just above top of window unless you want to make the windows look smaller and the ceiling look lower.
  3. In a contemporary curtain installation, curtains should come an inch above the floor.
  4. In some traditional installations, curtains drop all the way to the floor, and create a fabric pool giving a more luxurious look to the room. There are some negatives to this look as it lacks practicality and needs more maintenance. It really is more of a decorative look than it is functional. When closing the curtains, draperies will drag across the floor, and will not look tailored without constant rearranging. Also, pooling your draperies is a lifestyle choice; fabric loves dust, and when pooled, it collects a lot of it, as well as pet hair, and other debris that may wind up on your floor.

Sources: House Beautiful


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