Spendy vs Savvy: Rachel Zoe

Since she popped up on my personal radar several years ago I have said the following many times with affection: If Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and the 1970’s era version of Liz Taylor, could have a style baby at Studio 54 in its heyday that baby would be: Entrepreneuress, Designer, Author and Stylist, Rachel Zoe.

I mean this in the most flattering sense.

Rachel Zoe began her career in New York City in fashion publishing and later became a stylist to many A-list celebrities, a reality-television star, an author and designer, and a personal empire-builder. She is credited as pioneering the rebirth of the Boho look now known as “Boho-chic.” She creates looks that celebrate a modern hippie flair, often with drapey, flowy tops, luxurious fabrics and tailored vintage pieces, always topped off with big, statement sunglasses and the occasional hat. Her east coast sensibilities combine with a west coast laid back vibe, which is evident in her home decor.


An homage to this stylist/author/designer and fashion icon in her own right, LookNook’s “Zoe Stylish Dining Room” celebrates Rachel Zoe’s glamourous style sensibilities at a price our not-quite-A-list-not-quite-celebrity friends can afford. Check out how ‘Zoe very stylish’ one can be while still on a budget.

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