Refresh Your Room Under $500

Some recent data suggests that American and British women spend upwards of 20% of their income on impulse buying. Let’s don’t let women take all the heat for spending irresponsibly; research also suggests that 90% of all people will make an impulse purchase from time to time. And, men are more likely to act impulsively on a major purchase like, say, upgrading a car. You can almost hear the collectively knowing grumbles out there in cyber-land can’t you? Most people will spend over $110,000 on impulse buys throughout their life. Much of impulse buying power is directed at consumables like food, drink, music, and clothes. The next category of impulsive spending is aimed at household items, such as decorative accessories, or things that make our homes more pleasing or functional.

Well, this has me thinking about how much I like shopping for things for my home, and when I am unable to shop either due to time or budget, sometimes I find myself rearranging the stuff I already have in my house. Changing accessories and how you display your personal items can have a big impact on your space and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

In the spirit of small changes and big impacts, LookNook has created accessories packages for each of our four most popular styles – Modern, Eclectic, Traditional, and Cultural. These packages suit a variety of tastes, and the best part is, they are all under $500 for the entire collection. Purchase a whole package or pick and choose what best suits your style. Shop the collections that will top off your room’s look without emptying your wallet. Check back because we will be adding new collections frequently.


This package has everything you need to give your room a cultural vibe with the perfect finishing touches for only $400!


This package contains a lovely arrangement of decorative accessories to refresh or finish off your traditional look for $400!


You truly can make small changes and see a big impact with this Hare We Go Accessories Package – for under $280! 


This accessories package is just what you need to freshen and finish your modern bedroom – for under $500!

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