Small Price Tag, BOO Impact

October is upon us which means a rapid succession of holiday festivities kicking off with Halloween. Now, I’m more of a December girl myself, but I do admire people who get all seasonal in their accessorizing. People who erect Easter trees, and strategically place sparklers in their hedges for 4th of July strike me as exceedingly festive, extremely organized, and they probably have more off-season, holiday storage space than I do.

That said, I do love autumn but I am lame when it comes to non-Christmas holiday decor. I mean, it’s rare that I actually have birthday candles at my house, that’s how un-festive I can be. However, with regard to autumn, I figure my happiness at finally saying goodbye to summer radiates outwardly and compensates for my lame Halloween spirit. But, as my daughter reminds me, my Halloween decor is limited to the pumpkins we carve, and a plug-in nightlight of a witch on a broom–pretty weak, especially for a house with kids.

My favorite kind of seasonal decor is the kind that busts the color paradigm, so for me, even though orange and black don’t offend my color sensibilities, they don’t generally match people’s existing, everyday decor. So, I admire people who get all seasonal without subscribing to the orange and black paradigm–black and white, anyone? This year, I accept the challenge to bust out a little spooky spirit.

Here are a few ideas for getting a little holiday flare in your home, including, and I’m pretty excited about this one, a recipe for a candy corn martini. If that doesn’t get you feeling the spooktastic, spirit, then maybe Cheese Tortellini with Pumpkin Sage Cream Sauce will, and if that doesn’t get you excited for October, you might as well get comfortable with the fact that yours is “that house” and turn your lights off and stay inside….

Faux animal busts are insanely popular, and can be incorporated into your festive decor. For Halloween, we’d spread cotton “spiderwebbing” across the antlers! These mercury glass candlestick holders and gold owl bottle opener will aid in making your traditional fall tablescape a bit spooky, yet sophisticated.

Try breaking up the fall tones of your tablescape with a mercury glass and wire pumpkin. While the pumpkin will get you through entire fall season, the branch candleholder and rope cloche can be used all year! Use drip candles in the candle holder, and place a small pumpkin under the glass cloche to make each of these decor pieces work for the spooky holiday!

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