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I recently read an article on one of my favorite websites, Apartment Therapy, which deals with emotional clutter and the benefits of purging your space of unnecessary items. A simple Google search yields plenty of post-break up tips about the virtues of ceremoniously throwing out, donating, heck, burning the artifacts from a now closed-chapter of your life. But, suppose there is no emotional turmoil attached to sprucing up your space. One does, if one is so inclined, still reap untold benefits from re-organizing one’s closet and/or storage spaces.


Some people view closet organizing as time wasted, but consider it from another perspective; I, for one, value being on-time to where I’m supposed to be. I also value showing up wearing matching shoes. So, to that end, by taking a few hours a year (yes, a year) I have shaved precious moments from my morning routine by keeping all the closets in my household in relative working order. Perhaps more importantly, I have spared myself and my family the public shaming that would arise from their mom/stepmom appearing at a karate lesson or soccer game pantsless.

There are a million methods to this madness of getting organized. Depending on your outlook, you can arrive on the threshold of a world of advice ranging from the ruthless, “If you haven’t worn it in three months, dump it. It’s dead to you. ” to the hippie-dippy, “make a meditate pile and think about how these items make you feel…” (Seriously?) Whatever method speaks to you, get in your closet and get real. Here’s perhaps a more middle-of-the-road approach. Ask yourself: am I using this? Can someone else make better use of it? Then, donate your underutilized items to the charity of your choice and get on with your life.

And finally, I don’t know about you all, but it bothers me that images of organized spaces are often ri-dang-diculous. Like, “Oh I converted my guest room into a walk in closet, however will I keep it organized…?” Gimme a big, fat, normal people, reality-check, break. This is not how people live. What people, and by people, I mean, you and I, gentle readers, want to know is how to keep our stupid little common folk closet spaces organized? Well, the answer is: I’m not sure. Whether your method is to purge and burn, meditate, or or simply sort and donate like a normal person, and then organize the remainders in a logical, maintainable way, is up to you. People are clever. I admire the resourcefulness displayed by people when they do stuff like store their flip flops in paint cans.

In the meantime, if the prospect of being so unorganized that you forget to wear pants, doesn’t inspire you, maybe these images of highly functional rooms that have it more together than you or I do, will:



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