Eat, Bike, Be Local

For the next couple weeks downtown ATX will be overtaken by ACL-going, wristband wearing hoards. Local, non ACL, non-wristband people, take cover. Now is a good time to explore some neighborhood spots you’ve meaning to try. For example, for breakfast, I like neighborhood spot The Omelettry on Burnet Road which is a not right downtown, not fancy, cash-only but a really solid breakfast joint. They do serve dinner as well, but when I go there, I’m down for a spinach and feta omelette. I do not waiver in this, even though I’m told their BLT with avocado is the best in town.

Note: this is a good time for a primer on TX pronunciations: Burnet is pronounced like “Burn it” and Guadalupe is pronounced like Guad-a-loop, and Manchaca is pronounced “Manshack,” which never fails to amuse me, since I always think there should be a men’s only, if you catch my drift, club on that street called “The Man Shack on Manchaca.” What can I say? I’m silly like that.

As I was saying, during ACL, especially if you’re not participating in the fun, unless you’re a fan of price-gouged parking fees and muddy shoes, it might be prudent to steer clear of the madness if you can, and explore the oft-ignored nooks and crannies in the varied neighborhoods of our city.

For those who embrace the music madness, here are LookNook’s tips to round out your ACL experience:

  1. Check out Our friends over at Localeur have assembled an easy-to-navigate, insider’s look at where to seek food, nightlife, arts and culture, fitness, and shopping in several cities (San Francisco, Houston, New York and Austin, for starters, more cities coming soon). Go to the Localeur website and get some insider insights on how to best enjoy Austin.
  2. Depending on how ambitious and energetic you are, check out bike rental options. Austin is pretty bike friendly, and downtown is full of great restaurants, clubs and shops. Our recommendations are East Side Pedal Pushers at (512) 826-3414, and if you need a little something extra in your biking experience, Rocket Electrics (512) 442-BIKE. As you can imagine, seeing a city from a bicycle kicks everything up several notches, not to mention, biking to Zilker Park (where ACL is going down) is much more time effective than dealing with Austin traffic.
  3. Whether you are on two wheels or on foot, you’re gonna get a little ‘snacky.’ For relatively easy on the wallet options away from the city center: Tacodeli and Houndstooth Coffee are right next to each other and offer an impressive array of the ubiquitous breakfast taco, and sweets, respectively. If you’re sticking downtown, near the fest, be sure to hit up the 2nd Street District. You’ll have no trouble finding plenty to eat, drink and look at, but if you’d like specific recommendations, La Condesa and Lambert’s are full of upscale, but casual Austin vibe. Last, you’re bound to need some sustenance on the trek to Zilker Park, so we recommend stopping by Austin Java on Barton Springs Road for coffee, beers, salads, you name it.

Most importantly, have fun and be safe. Whether you’re a wristband-wearer, or a wristband avoider, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Sources: Bar at La Condesa / / Perfect pour at Houndstooth / / Rocket Electric bikes at Hotel St. Cecilia

Shannon Signature
This stylish living room is dramatic in very subtle ways, much like its namesake ATX neighborhood, Travis Heights. Found near near Zilker Park, Travis Heights is equally suited for a cutting edge condo on stilts as it is for an historic single family home. This room was designed for a modern-urban dwelling in the trendy, ATX neighborhood.


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