LookNook Goes Commercial!

For the past decade or so, unconventional work arrangements have flourished. There is flex-time, telecommuting, skype, all of which have opened the parameters of where and how we work. Right now, the work-from-home model is expanding to include third option. Enter the concept of “cospaces.” Cospaces are shared workspaces, often equipped with cutting edge technology, and designed in such a way, so as to encourage community, collaboration and creativity. In some models, a single worker can rent space daily, weekly, or monthly. There are shared conference rooms and lobby areas.

Now, this concept isn’t entirely new, of course. For example, there have been plenty of architecture firms that also housed a separate interior design firm. Cospace is becoming available in a more formalized way. Many people see this arrangement as an opportunity for better creative communities, stronger networking potential, and a more cost-effective way to attain professional, well-designed, and efficient workspaces and common areas.

LookNook regularly specifies two products that are well-suited to this kind of work space. Turnstone is a company riding the wave of cospace work environments. They have a collection of colorful, stylish and efficient workspace designs. From lobby furniture to multi-worker workstations, Turnstone has all sorts of cool, modern options with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

FLOR carpet design squares, or ‘carpet tiles’ as some people may know them, are another product that the LookNook design team favor when designing a shared workspace. FLOR carpet squares can be assembled in exponential patterns, textures, shapes and sizes. They are relatively easy to work with, and can be made to look new again by replacing worn or soiled areas. Their array of colors and graphic patterns make a great foundation for a fun and functional cospace.

Is it time for you to change career-scenery? Does your city have any cospace available? Check out below for some of LookNook’s designs for small commercial spaces around Austin!

You’ll go mad for this office! As perfect for a small commercial space as it is for a shared home office or co-working space, this design is retro cool!

This workspace is perfect for a small commercial office or a shared telecommuting space at home. You will love getting down and dirty with your work in this gray-green-teal-citrus toned uber-functional space.

This cheerful design is perfect for a small commercial office or a co-working space. There is an energy and a vibrancy that starts with the colorful rug and carries through the orange chair and rolling file/drawer combo.

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