Design Crush: Jeff Lewis

It’s that time again.

It’s time for LookNook to profess a new DesignCrush for all to see, and today, we’re shouting it out to the heavens. Are you ready? We know we’re not your type, Object of our Design Crush, but truly, when has that ever stopped us? Ready? I can’t hold it in any longer.

Jeff Lewis, formerly of Bravo’s Flipping Out and currently of Interior Therapy, we LOVE you!

Phew, we’ve been carrying that around for awhile now. So glad that’s off our chest.

Okay, herewith are the reasons we love you:

First and foremost, you are an animal lover. You may even love cats more than you love people, which we understand on a deep, we-don’t-think-there’s-anything-wrong-with-that-level.

Your impeccable taste: We love the Gramercy house, so much so that it practically warrants its own DesignCrush. Your light fixtures dazzle. That dining room floor, hello vertigo! And, we mean that in the best possible way.

Your naughty ways: Again, your sassy banter warrants a blog entry of all its own, but let’s highlight a few favorites, shall we?

First, we’re not sure what it would be like to be actual friends with you, but your antagonism as affection thing is hella fun to watch. (Good vibes to Jenni, Zoila, and Gage. Stay strong, we laugh with, not at, you guys.)

With regard to your need for a generator, “There are a lot of rolling blackouts. Basically, what happens is when the power goes out, the air conditioning doesn’t work, the Jacuzzi doesn’t work, and my vodka gets warm.” Suffice to say, that you are a man-diva after a woman-diva’s heart, after a gay man-diva’s heart, if you know what we mean. Except for when you tell Jenni that she’s got a “donkey booty” going on right now. Jenni, your booty is fine!

Jeff Lewis 1

Speaking of Gramercy, here is a room design inspired by the bonus room in Jeff’s most recent remodel of the infamous Gramercy house (specifying Jeff Lewis paint of course!)  Although we don’t know exactly how much Jeff spent on his design, we suspect the LookNook version reflects the savvy side of the original beautiful, but spendier, design.

But, we digress.

Back to the matter at hand, and that’s LookNook loving Jeff Lewis. We dig your impeccable taste, entrepreneurial spirit and your new, low VOC paint colors at Jeff Lewis Color…We do wish you would have stuck with the more R-rated names of the colors. Pearl bracelet? Really?

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