Smallish City Celebrity Sightings

We’ve got a little collective ADHD goin’ in the LookNook Studio and sometimes it helps to just sort of spit out our thoughts and reboot our brains. We think you can relate.

Here goes:

Austin City Limits (ACL) is just about upon us. There is an internet deal offering two 3 day V.I.P. passes for $2100. You never had a chance, internet “deal.”

Random tangent: For a smallish city of less than a million people, Austin hosts a seemingly disproportionate amount of celebs and their friends. Unconfirmed rumor has it that on any given day one might encounter: Lance Armstrong on the hike and bike trail; Rock and Roll God Robert Plant at his favorite breakfast spot; Kanye West at the Coffee Bean, and Owen Wilson at Maudie’s BBQ. There are too many to list, but all the locals have stories. I personally have seen Willem Dafoe enjoying a pint or three at the airport bar, and literally, minutes later, Lionel Richie strutted past me. I’m not even going to lie, I was very tempted to make eye contact and mouth the words, “Hello. (gesturing to self) Is it me you’re looking for?” What can I say? Opportunity lost.

Random Subject Change: Shout Out to Austin Girl Sandra Bullock for her rockin’ Vogue Cover this month! Her ex-husband, what’s-his-face, lives here too, but in the divorce, we got Sandy. You never had a chance, what’s-your-face.

…Which reminds me again that with ACL approaching, it’ll be celebrity-sighting season in the ATX…which also reminds me of the time that I was stuck at a stoplight on a rainy day last winter and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy running toward my car in the rain. Now, let me be clear that it was 48 degrees and raining and this guy was running in those filmy, whisper-thin, Richard Simmons-style running shorts and…nothing else….So, my first thought was, “Wow, that guy’s hardcore running in the nearly freezing rain,” and then, quickly assessing his build (as one sometimes does), I thought, “Wow, he’s super yoked! He must be a professional athlete,” and then, as he ran past my bumper, it dawned on me, it was Mr. Dazed and Confused himself, the one, the only, the extra scantily clad, Matthew McConaughey.

Immediately, my mind went to the now legendary story of him greeting Austin P.D. at his door, stone cold naked, having not realized that he was disturbing his Tarrytown neighbors by vigorously banging his bongos in the wee hours of the night. Anyhow, back to Matthew McConaughey running half naked in the rain and me bragging about the good fortune at having been stopped in traffic to witness it. Needless to say, I got a lot of funny comments on my facebook status that day.

Long story short: We love this quirky town. So inspired were we by our random thought drifts that we designed a room that captures the spirit of Austin’s very own A-list celeb, Mr. Shirtless Wonder, The Bongo Man, Matthew McConaughey. Bang that bongo, Dude.

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