LookOut: Treehouse (All Natural Decor)

Would you like to make some small improvements in your home that are earth-friendly? Perhaps you’d like to switch over to LED lights, or install a low flow showerhead? Or, maybe you’ve got designs for a full on earth-friendly kitchen remodel, or you’re considering going solar. Whatever the case, if you’re looking to make your home more environmentally sound, hit up Austin’s very own TreeHouse.

Are you feeling like you need to get your urban-homesteading on? Feel compelled to water your tomato plants with rainwater you collected? Can some beets? Or, and file this under: I didn’t even know I could do this, but now I have to do this: do you suddenly want to retexture your walls in, (love it) American Clay? Trust us, when you see it, you will picture a wall in your house that has to have it. Skip the big box store. Austin’s TreeHouse is *the* place for all your home improvement needs.

Click image to reveal the vendors for this design!

Located in south Austin, TreeHouse is a new kind of home improvement store. Its core values are efficiency, health and sustainability. All the products they offer must first pass through their ‘product filter’ which screens for sustainability, performance, and corporate responsibility. When you shop at TreeHouse, and by the way, you can shop online, though we recommend visiting the helpful staff in person, you can feel confident that you are not funneling your money toward soulless corporate earth killers, or cheesy products that seem like a good idea, but which don’t deliver.

TreeHouse features familiar brands such as Yeti coolers, Big Ass Fans (love me some Big Ass Fans!) and RAD Furniture. And, if you are considering dabbling in some urban homesteading of your own, you will really appreciate the helpful staff’s ability to steer you toward the appropriate chicken coop, canning supplies, or homebrewing accoutrements. They even offer classes in the store to help you get started. There are housewares and specialty items and even some gift items. It’s a fun place to poke around. We hear tell of in-store events such as Bravo’s Jeff Lewis appearing to promote his paints, and the occasional party in the aisles. (LookNook looks forward to an in-store happy hour one of these days, TreeHouse. No pressure, but we have been known to enjoy a party once or twice….)

Click image to reveal the vendors for this design!

LookNook is quite inspired by some of the eco-friendly vendors available for kitchen and dining room remodels through TreeHouse. Our design team especially digs: Executive Cabinetry, Fireclay Tile, and Vetrazzo counters so much so, that we have created eco-friendly dining room designs to complement a couple of TreeHouse kitchens that feature these eco-friendly products. We know you’ll find them as pleasing to the eye as they are to the earth. They are the perfect way to put the finishing touches on an earth-friendly kitchen remodel. Check out our boards to see what our designers did to complement these vendors’ products.

This dining room is as easy on the earth as it is on the eye. This room starts with a wood table (fcs certified) and chairs which are offset by a reclaimed wood credenza. These sit atop a recycled denim and jute rug and is punctuated by a dramatic and chic bamboo pendant light. Even the accessories are eco-friendly, including teak flatware, recycled glassware, and stone placemats. Click here to see the products for this design.

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