Shout Out: Favorite Design Blogs

Ever since I bought a life-sized window mannequin from a thrift store on N. Southport Avenue in Chicago in roughly 1985 for $10, I have had a bit of ‘thing’ for interior design. You may be wondering what this impulse purchase has anything at all to do with interior design. I suppose that’s a valid point, but the very un-craftsy teenage version of myself felt very gratified when I spray painted it black, stuck it in the corner of my bedroom, and hung all my necklaces, bracelets and purses on it. I think it wore a hat or two, as well. I should add that my parents were very kind to allow me to paint my walls flat gray, my ceiling pale rose-y pink, and the trim, glossy black. I was a teenager who could brood in style.

Fast forward to the dawn of the internet. My interests remain, except now, I can pursue them in the comfort of my underwear, laptop in hand, making the rounds of my favorite design blogs. There are few things I enjoy more than clicking between blogs, ebay, craigslist and pinterest. (Which reminds me that some clever person needs to invent a chic and stylish recumbent bike with an iMac mounting, a cabernet holder and a phone charger, just saying….)


My usual design blog routine involves a stop at Apartment Therapy primarily for the ‘house porn’ aspect. Yes, that’s what I said. Think about it. I get to voyeuristically tour people’s homes, sometimes their closets (so intimate!) in cities where I’ve lived, currently live, or perhaps never will live, all from the comfort of my favorite chair.

Making It Lovely


I love Making it Lovely because I find Nicole Balch’s whole aesthetic cheerful and fun, and I think we’d totally hang out. Plus, I did once call her hometown of Oak Park, IL home. Chicagoland in the house! Call me, Nicole….

Some favorites around the LookNook studio include:

Camille Styles


Camille Styles -We look here for a variety of tastefully curated features. Whether food, fashion, decor, or inspiration, this website is eye-candy. We especially love the food and drink posts! Citrus Manhattan? Come to mama! Check this goodness out: Bottoms Up.

Young House Love


Young House Love – We love their style and how they update their projects in real time. A smaller project may only take one post, but a larger project, like renovating their kitchen is spread out across several weeks. This likable couple (plus Clara and Burger!) is as darling as their home. We appreciate that YHL engages in a little quirky humor, will providing a source of inspiration.


In fact, we were so inspired by the “big girl room” Sherrie designed for her daughter Clara, that we also designed a little girl, big girl room (additional inspiration: this instagram photo).

So LookNookers, don’t be shy. What blogs are on your normal rotation?

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