Tailgating: Go-Tos for Go Team Fare

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not much of ‘sports chick.’ Have I been know to throw a softball? Yes. Have I been to my share of college football games? Yes. (Fork ‘em, Sun Devils!) Do I weep like sap at the Olympics? Maybe I do, and maybe I DO. And, have I slung sandwiches and beer at possibly one of the busiest and most well known sports bars in the country? Yes. (Oh, Cubbybear, those were the days–she sighs wistfully…Go Cubs. Break the curse! Again with the wistful sighing…) But am I sports fan? Not so much.

What I am a fan of are good food, autumn and a reason to get together. Enter football season. Sure, some people take their football very seriously, so much so that they will settle for cheap beer and chili dogs to enable two-fisted, pie-hole stuffing, football viewing; it’s all the easier to hurl derision at the opposing team if you are in between swigs, or more expeditiously, wearing a beer helmet, which in the interest of a stylish living blog, one nary even mention….I humbly remind you: some people also like to sleep on the hard ground when they camp, but to me, that ‘aint camping, that’s punishment, and that is not how I engage in leisure.

If you’re the type to throw killer tailgate parties in the hot-weather-cold-weather-rainy-weather-friendly comfort of your own home, you may want to consider investing in some new pieces for your media room because eating, lounging and sitting in judgment of amateur and professional athletes alike, requires an appropriately full tummy, and comfort.

one / / two / / three / / four / / five / / six

The dark and durable upholstry on this sofa is perfect for game day rowdiness, and I guarantee, if you provide a bar cabinet, your friends ensure that it stays well stocked. The chess board/backgammon side table and dartboard will help to keep the non-sports fans entertained. Check out the room design linked below to see how these six pieces can combine to create a sweet game room, and read on for game day fare.

Whether you are, or are not a diehard fan, and whether you are in the stadium parking lot, or are parked on the couch you got at a discount from LookNook (wink;) ya still gotta eat, so why not stop off at your local microbrewery for a jug of hoppy deliciousness, or/AND fill the gatorade jug with one of these delicious cocktails. Stop the chili dog madness and cook up a feast worthy of your favorite team. Sriracha Street Corn? Oh hellz-to-the-yeah. Click the images below for the recipes of some of our favorites this season, and tell us whatcha got cookin’!

Camille Styles’ Bottoms Up Watermelon Mojito

Veggie Crescent Bites

Pioneer Woman’s Pepperoni Pizza Burger

Camille Styles’ Sriracha Street Corn

DIY Football Brownies


This game room is perfect for your next football game watch party! The ombre rug, leather chair, the bar console and trunk end table, all convey an important message: we love to support our team, and we love to entertain, so come on over! (Oh, and we need ice…)

What are some of your go-tos for Go-Team fare?

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