Autumnal Eye Candy

Here in Austin, as in many dynamic cites, it seems like there are lots of people from other places. I am from Chicago by way of a long stopover in Phoenix. Though Austin has been good to me thus far, right about now I’m thinking that only I would move from the, albeit visually striking, surface of the sun, AZ, to the also pretty, but in a different way, Hill Country of TX, where the climatic pendulum swings not-so-prettily between ‘swamp’ and ‘outback.’ Sigh.
I am jonesing hard for some autumnal weather!

I know I don’t need any help visualizing fall recipes and color schemes, but you, gentle readers, may be hoping summer never ends (if you are in AZ or TX, you may have some sort of masochistic outdoor tendencies that have caused your brain to shrivel, just sayin’) or maybe you’ve forgotten that it does, indeed, eventually end. Whatever the case, here’s some autumnal eye candy (+links!) to tide you over while you bake your skin on the lake, or, alternatively hole-up in the a/c and hunker down in front of a fan, waiting for this epic summer to finally give way to an unseasonably brisk fall season.

On The Menu: Risotto with Chard and Wild Mushrooms

Mixed Metals and White Fall Decor

Mustard Yellow and Pearl White

Wood Tones and Soft Aqua

Sources: Rug / / Stripe Loveseat / / Stool / / Wallpaper

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