Design Crush: Deborah Bowness

In our nearly fifty (50!) blogs so far, we have included a few gentle nods in the direction of the renaissance of wallpaper. To many, wallpaper conjures childhood memories of visiting aunts who papered their walls in velvet flocked stripes, or more boldly, baroque florals; picture toile in velvetine relief patterns, and you get the picture. Factor in the fact that perhaps many of our parents purchased houses that required a bouquet of putty knives and a steamer to undo the previous occupants’ wallpaper-happy decor, and you see the wallpaper has a bit of a bad reputation. Long story short, wallpaper can be a hard sell to anyone under the age of 60, and that is to say, there are a LOT of people for whom the thought of papering their walls is just about as likely as the thought of reviving culottes as a viable fashion choice.

Alas, in the past few years, wallpaper is on the rise. Fashion heavy-hitters such as Hermés and Les Indiennes have made dramatic offerings to the canon of wallpaper choices. One of our favorite bloggers, Nicole, from Making it Lovely created a darling dining room with the help of gloriously sweet aviary-themed wallpaper. Certainly, gentle reader, you are clever enough to conclude that wallpaper is not all old ladies and Buco di Beppo booths.

Wallpaper 1

…which brings us to our latest design crush, British “artisigner” Deborah Bowness, who in her attempt to marry her interest in surface patterns and textiles to functional design, turned her attention to wallpaper. In the past decade or so, Bowness’ designs have been honored by myriad top-tier museums, and in publications with titles like: The Papered Wall, Wallpaper History Review, and Walls are Talking. Some of you may have seen the blurb about her in this month’s Vogue. Her design commissions include: Paul Smith, Polydor, Lacroix, and London Shopping mecca, Selfridge’s. Her trompe l’oeil (French for ‘trick of the eye’) wallpaper, such as the Bookshelves, creates a dramatic backdrop in any room, and indeed many of her designs have been posted on city walls, stores and other nooks and crannies around England.


So, for breathing new life into wallpaper, and for your fabulous designs, especially Wallpaper Frocks and Utility Cutouts, and for being an all-around visionary “artisigner,” we salute you, Deborah Bowness.

This reading nook design is calling out for an accent wall covered in Deborah’s Bookshelves wallpaper. How perfect would that be?!

Shannon Signature

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