5 Fab Fall Finds Under $50

Can I get a collective eye roll for the infatuation with Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Did I lose readers with that comment? Let me backtrack a bit to clarify my stance: I gather they’re tasty, but the craze of posting images, exclamation marks, and hashtags (#PSL) to all forms of social media about this artificially flavored and sweetened “coffee drink” reads the same to me as posting a selfie from your trip to the gym – is it really worth cashing in your attention-seeking credit with your fb friends? The gym selfie and the love letter to the PSL really isn’t doing you (or anyone else) any good.

Tangent much? Give me a second, I promise this post does have a legitimate intent.

My suggestion to you, black coffee loving readers, since I fear I’ve lost all the rest, is to save the $5 that you’d spend on a PSL this season. Think about it. Let’s say you’d typically indulge in just one latte a week. Assuming the PSL sticks around until Black Friday, at $5 a pop, you’ll save yourself $60. Now, let’s say you give yourself a break and splurge on one or two of the creamy beverages once the weather turns crisp, and that figure works its way down to an even $50. With that savings, treat yourself to something that will last a bit longer. Check out these 5 fab fall finds, all under $50!

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Sources: Rhino Statue / / Butterfly Pillow / / Aqua and Gray Throw / / Geometric Votive Candleholder / / Decanter

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