Last Juicy Bit Of Summer

When school starts and the a.m. traffic kicks back into high I’m-stuck-behind-a-school-bus-and-at-this-rate-the-polar-ice-
-caps-will-melt-before-I-get-past-this-gaggle-of-helicopter-parents mode, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is, summer is over. So, why not squeeze out the last juicy bits out of summer and lick your back-to-school wounds with a last hurrah on Labor Day weekend?

Whereas 4th of July feels like a backyard kind of holiday, Labor Day is made for taking the party to the front. I like to imagine whiling away the last bits of summer with friends in the front yard, where you can say ‘hey’ (or ‘Howdy,’ as one does in Texas) to the neighbors you’d never see if you hunkered down in the backyard. I’m not sure exactly when this idea popped into my head, but like wearing white after Labor Day is verboten, for me, the typical backyard BBQ is played out by September. People are sick of the sun and typical grill fare. I favor the idea of a mellow happy hour under the shady confines of a well-appointed porch that involves maybe a round of bocce ball, delicious adult beverages, and finger food.

Some people have inviting lounge-friendly front porches and yards, but many of us need a little help. Enter LookNook’s patio and porch designs. We can hook you up with a cozy outdoor space to fit your style. And, to make your Labor Day planning even easier we are sharing some of our favorite recipes from out there in blogland. Just make sure to fix up a little extra because those neighbors you’ll be saying “hey” to? Yeah, your food looks better than their charred burger.


Adult drink: Blood-Orange-and-Thyme-Paloma-Cocktail (maybe a craft beer or two for whiners)


Appetizer: Arugula Pistachio Pesto Spread

Little more substantial: Bacon Basil Tomato Grilled Crostini


Side: Baked Avocado Fries (I can imagine all variety of sauces with these bad boys)


Dessert: Strawberry Crumble Bars

Like a stylish girl needs a few pairs of specs to match her outfits, we need this patio! We can’t even decide what we like best. Is it the metal loveseat with cut outs? The bold dandelion rug? The fiesta accents on the accessories, or the oxidized metal planter and the coffee table to house all the succulents? Whatever the case, this fun, eclectic, modern, patio is screaming for a par-tay!

Peaceful and tranquil, this asian-inspired patio collection is a perfect zen escape after a long day. An excellent place for reflecting and meditating, this traditional design features dark wicker furniture, vibrant yellow accents, and crisp, clean cushions and outdoor curtains. A buddha statue is a reminder that the great outdoors should be enjoyed and is great place to let your stress melt away!

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