Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl Phat

Here at LookNook we have a grand plan for revolutionizing the interior design industry, but we also like to chat about other cool ventures in popular culture. And above all, we love to use our forum to link to related ideas and products. After all, what good is having Facebook, Twitter, and a weekly newsletter if you can’t do shoutouts to people you know, and to people you know would totally want to hang out with you if they met you?

So, we were chatting in the studio, and doing our usual celebrity interior design scouting, and one thing led to another, and you know who we think it’d be fun to have a Girl’s Hang with? None other than Bethenny Frankel. Why?

  1. With her incisive wit and steady stream of zingers, we know she’d keep us laughing.
  2. We have been known to enjoy a Skinny Girl Margarita or two (see #1.) but also, being a young start up, we are ever so curious to learn from her.

We want her to come and pour over our work. Seriously, Bethenny, we saw you went to Houston, why do you forsake Austin, where the ladies who really love and admire you are? Perhaps you’d like to do a guest feature? Maybe a menu to go with one of our lovely dining rooms? Perhaps even the one we designed with you in mind? Check out our Skinny Girl, Phat Dining Room design. (Sometimes it’s like TMZ meets Architectural Digest, meets Marie Claire up in here.)

Because we often use celebrity decor as a springboard to bring high end style to the masses, we were doing a little research on Bethenny’s crazy-big NYC apartment. We figured we’d have a look at her dining room and call it a day, but the more we clicked around the internet and more specifically, her upcoming show’s website, the more we were impressed, not only by her success, but also by her willingness to support other women’s entrepreneurial enterprises as well. We can only hope that when we are as wildly successful as Bethenny Frankel is, that we’ll be able to reach back and pull some other ladies into the limelight as well.

So, (as I hoist my Skinny Girl Margarita skyward) here’s to you, Bethenny, and your new talk show, and to telling it like it is. Come hang out with us!

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