Let’s Reflect: Mirrored Furniture

Let’s reflect. From traditional to Hollywood Regency, mirrored furniture fits in anywhere you need a bit of dramatic sparkle (with the exception children’s playrooms – for obvious reasons!). Since mirrored furniture reflects patterns, color, and light, it can be used to your advantage to highlight nearby statement pieces, or to bounce some light around the room. Take these things into consideration when you are arranging the furnishings in your room!

Mirrored finishes aren’t for those who are self-proclaimed “low maintenance.” You’ll have to work a bit to keep it protected from scratches and chips. Avoid placing jagged or sharp objects on it that can rough up the surface. Liquids and beauty products can mar the surface if they sit too long. Protect your mirrored furniture by using coasters on end tables, or by finding a fun tray to hold products and lotions on a mirrored vanity or dresser. They do require a bit of elbow grease to keep clean, but the impact they will have on your final design will be well worth it!

A feather patterned rug, mingles confidently with a cream colored upholstered bed with a curvy silhouette, orange lounge chair, and metallic silver and mirrored accents. The charming mix of bright orange and teal draw you into the space while the crisp baby blue and white striped duvet and antiqued mirror furniture invite you to relax and stay awhile.

This bright and cheerful patio provides the perfect addendum to your modern living space. Your guests will be charmed by the zesty marriage of turquoise and citrus against a backdrop of gray and chrome accents. This space is just as suited to taking a rejuvenating power nap as it is to hosting happy hour as the sun sets over the city.

Ultra-chic and surprisingly refined, this eclectic design is deeply rooted in traditional design but with unexpected flair! Neutral and pastel colors create a tranquil environment while the metallic gold accents and bold zebra print rug adds drama and intrigue. Add the beautiful chandelier in your foyer or in the center of the room and you have a classic design that is exotic and rich.

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