Baby Mario’s Glamour Tot Playroom

True Story: At a design meeting at the start up/upstart design firm of LookNook we were chatting about celebrities and pop culture, as we often do, and we began to lament the dearth of truly stylish children’s rooms. The talk turned to Perez Hilton’s newborn son, Mario Jr. Well, one thing led to another; the creative juices flowed and we created a modern take on French Provincial design for Baby Mario’s future playroom.

The vibe is French-regency-elegant-meets-understated-whimsical-modern-prince because, truly, what baby doesn’t need a chandelier? Surely all do. Note the Versailles chair is a “mini” like your “mini-me” and encourages thoughtful imaginings….Of animals? Of hot air balloons? Of playdates with baby Kimye/North West? Of future celebrity toddler blogging?

Whatever the case, the tufted rocker is full-sized so Daddy Perez can enjoy some snuggle time with a book from the glamorous etagere. Store little Mario’s favorite treasures in the aqua chest. And because Perez loves his pup, Teddy, we were sure to include a faux fur dog bed so that Teddy can bask in the lovefest in complete canine comfort.

Your entire house is elegant and glamorous, so why can’t your child’s playroom mimic this? With a crystal chandelier and sophisticated animal art and you’ll have the most Glamorous Tot on the block!


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