Hey Bartender!

One of the joys of collecting vintage pieces is the nostalgia associated with them. Who can forget the smell of plastic covers on your great aunt’s rarely sat on living room couches? Okay, so not all nostalgia is pleasant. Thank goodness, the vinyl slipcover ship has sailed! On the other hand, there are fun and relatively low budget ways to harken back to glory days of your great aunts and uncles without breaking the bank or creating a potential haz-mat. situation in your wardrobe with copious polyester. Consider the charms of vintage barware like these killer ombre tallboys on etsy for example . For well under $50 one can appoint their home bar with a penguin ice bucket, a chrome martini-shaker, some copper mugs for Moscow Mules and some fabulous high ball and lowball glasses with any number of decorative themes. I favor atomic age boomerangs and starbursts, but simple “Rx” or, the memorable “girlie glasses” (Remember the glasses with the girls who ‘strip’ down to bikinis as the glasses condensate?) are great conversation starters. You just don’t want to overdo the vintage shtick or it becomes less, “what a charming/fun/cool collection” and more, “Would it kill you to hit Crate and Barrel once in awhile?”

So, now you know what I like. What’s your Itch for Kitsch?

Shannon Signature

A refined french-country dining room with warm weathered woods and a brass bar cart.


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