Everything New Is Old School

Enthusiasts of all things vintage, whether clothes, cars, or furniture have long known there is an art to incorporating vintage pieces into contemporary life. The goal, unless you are smitten with nostalgia, is to inject a bit of the lovely lines of days past, not so much to look retro, but rather to cultivate rooms that highlight the best of what’s been out there, regardless of its provenance.

New Again 1.1

When Shopping Vintage, Get in the Crosshairs and Pull the Trigger.
Every collector has a ‘thing’ and if you are looking to build a collection of furniture pieces you intend to keep for the long haul, you should get in touch with what you like and quickly. Building a collection of vintage pieces requires snap decisiveness; you rarely get the chance to linger over a potential purchase. These days if you come upon a good buy at a vintage shop or auction, you’re lucky to have the chance to snap a photo on your iPhone and hear back from your bestie before some ruthless shopper grabs it right from under your text-messaging nose! So, know what you like, roughly how much it should cost and get it in your retail-sniper-sights.

New Again 2.1

You should also be aware, and I say this with love, of how much space you actually have. In other words, don’t buy that 90-inch Danish Modern Credenza if it will prevent you from fully opening your front door ever again. As cool as it may be, it will never, and nor will you, look timelessly elegant if you need a running start to hurdle over it to reach the bathroom. Leave it to someone with a loft.

"/ Sleek Scandinavian furniture, a sputnik pendant light, and classic place settings give a tailored yet playful feel to this mid-century inspired dining room.

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