Design Crush: Emily Henderson

My Design Crush on HGTV’s Emily Henderson has been steadily escalating in its intensity, slowly making its way from a bit of a side eye and a nod of affirmation, “Oooo, she’s got style,” to full on awkward eye contact and a beggy, “PLEASE, INVITE ME INTO YOUR HOME.” Yeah, I never said this would be an easy read, look away if you can’t stand unrequited love, but I promise it’ll be worth the social awkwardness. You’ll appreciate the introduction to this designer, so please continue.

Emily doesn’t know it, but she and I started a graceful design courtship with a Knock It Off installment, where the collective LookNook Design Team waxed poetic about Emily’s living room, and (obviously) Knocked It Off. So desperate were we to recreate her eclectic, lovingly curated mixed bag of a living room in its entirety, that we resorted to crafting our own colorful arrows since we can’t seem to find them anywhere!

Design Crush 2


Well, this love story didn’t end with the Knock It Off post, and here I am, gentle readers, with a love letter to the dear, sweet and talented Emily Henderson. Clearly, I have no shame, so I’m inviting you into my fantasy world where Emily H. and I become design besties. So here goes:

Dear Emily Henderson,

LookNook’s Pinterest boards are littered with images of your designs and DIYs captured from your blog. (LookNook readers, If you haven’t read her blog, it is simply a MUST.) Not only do you share amazing photos of your charming finished designs, but what melts my designer’s heart are your candid admissions of designs-gone-wrong. I especially swoon when you turn your project flubs into unfiltered, inappropriate jokes (with photos) about ‘half naked men holding their caulks.’ Oh lord! You are too, too much.

(LookNook readers, watch as I conclude this letter with feeble, but from the heart, post script. )

Emily Henderson, you were once a hopeful designer with a vision. Please gift us with your design presence, by doing a LookNook cameo as a guest designer. Our readers, and yours would love to have your eclectic aesthetic accessible to shop for, and not just pine over. Make my design dreams come true, Emily Henderson. Please and thank you (makes telephone gesture and whispers, Call me…)

Sincerely your super-duper fan,

Anne Marie Signature

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