Fashion Your Seatbelt

I’m not sure how, or why, but I received a catalog in the mail for a clothing store I’d never heard of. I hesitantly opened it because, judging from the cover, I knew I was going to love everything. And, I did. I immediately wanted one of each, please and thank you! Throwing caution to the wind and putting aside the fact that I’m getting married in a few months and need to save some cash, I went through and coveted each exquisitely cut and embellished piece of clothing. Oh, the parade of jewel-toned colors, gorgeous women about my age with stunning children and stylishly perfect lives. It was truly a feast for the senses.

Intrigued yet? The store I’m referring to is British company, Boden, and the catalog (or should I say catalogue?) features their new fall collection. I feel a British invasion coming! It’s not in the Forever 21 price range, but it was surprisingly affordable and the quality looks top notch. And did I mention they have baby and kid clothes as well? It’s sickeningly cute.

This newfound obsession with the ‘Boden Style,’ got me thinking of how I truly feel that fashion translates to interior design seamlessly, and visa versa. Fashion is all about taking chances when appropriate and creating interest with a unique mix of colors, patterns and textures. So, we created some beautiful interior designs based on a few of our favorite looks from the catalog. Feast your eyes on this and get inspired to update your wardrobe and your nook!

Sources: 1. Roll Collar Dress / / 2. Fifties Jacket / / 3. Must Have Bag / / 4. Jeweled Bracelet

This living room is the perfect example of a successful eclectic design. Whimsical and fun, this space mixes modern and rustic furniture with bold colors and prints. Topped off with weathered vases, a charming bird throw pillow, and a vintage-looking lamp, and you have an inviting room that you’ll love spending time in!

Who doesn’t love gold? This gorgeous and shimmering office design is traditional, slightly modern and wonderfully eclectic! The perfect place for getting down to business, this space features plenty of gold, black, and ivory, paired together to create a stunning look.

Hello world. This eclectic dining room design is just plain fabulous. Bold patterns and color combinations are offset by sleek wood pieces and a vintage-inspired wood barrel chandelier. A nice mix of modern, vintage, and rustic, this design paradise is sure to be a show-stopper.


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