Julianne Moore, Actress & Interior Designer

Ever wish you had a gloriously cozy living room retreat in the heart of the city? You know, so you can entertain your Oscar-nominated gal pals? No? Oh, that’s awkward, because I have. And, in my mind’s eye it looks just a little like this. But, since I’m not a celebrity stylist (ScarJo, call me.) I will just have to keep imagining how the other, more glamorous, half lives. In the spirit of being young, glamorous, and urbane girls on the go, the lovely ladies of LookNook have masterfully played Knock it Off with celebrity stylist Leslie Fremar’s lovely Tribeca loft, which was furnished with a little help from her design-minded client and friend, Julianne Moore (who knew so many celebrities had hidden design talents?)


Loft living is often associated with a kind of industrial and un-cozy vibe; not so in this space, which is warmed by rich wood floors and a sun-mellowed rug. Large grey couches invite you to sit down and perhaps read a book or enjoy a chat with friends. Bright white walls and a white coffee table keep things looking contemporary and crisp while cozy decorative items warm the space. Blue accent trim draws the eye toward the windows and literally frames the light as it enters this big, cozy space. Kudos to actress-turned-designer, Julianne Moore, and her design-talent-scouting-stylist Leslie Fremar, we dig the cozy city retreat you both created.


Kind of earthy, kind of oceanic, totally calm and cozy, this stylish living room is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary features in colors that soothe the soul. The grey sofa against the mellow washed-out rug gives a kind of beach-on- a-rainy-day feel. The wood side table and iconic chair warm the space and add rich color, while the chrome lamp and mirror carry the grey-blue color scheme throughout the room. The abstract art ties all the colors together and the soft throw invites you to wait out the storm in your cozy abode.


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