Grey Marriage: Why All The Fuss?

No longer relegated to prisons and hospitals, recent trends indicate that grey is beginning to be recognized as the colorific workhorse that it is. Versatility is the word that springs to mind. And, playing with grey is easy!

Grey 2
Ponder all the options. There exist as many choices in the grey family as there are in the white/eggshell/cream family. There are light greys, dark greys, blue-greys, green-greys, greys with pink undertones, greys with brown undertones, greys just this side of black, and accordingly they can make for tasteful and dramatic pairings in your home.

Consider a charcoal couch. A charcoal couch is a like your favorite pair of leggings, it’s the base for myriad outfits, each as chic as the next. Depending on your mood you can top your charcoal couch with jewel-toned pillows such as garnet or aubergine. You could go bold and use yellow or orange or turquoise. Or if you’re a fan of a more monochromatic look you could opt for geometric patterns in lighter grey or black and white. If you like bold statements in your pillow choice, maybe opt for some marimekko prints.

Some of my favorite ‘cool’ pairings are charcoal and citrus colors, or medium gray with blues. If you favor warm combinations, maybe try earthier mustards, greens, or incorporate textures like Mongolian lamb’s wool or flokati pillows, which brings us back to the initial point, which is that you’d be hard pressed to find a more versatile backdrop upon which to play with various looks.

This mid-century modern bedroom design is a true beauty! The bold linear patterns in this space take center stage while the retro mid-century furniture adds timeless beauty that’s always a crowd pleaser. Finished off with a bold striped bedspread, monochromatic artwork and metallic pillows, this gorgeous room is one that will stand the test of time.

Tailor-made for you, this sleek and stylish living room design features crisp and clean lines and muted colors. A modern grey couch and striped armchair root the design while chrome, dark wenge woods, and white marble coffee table add a classic appeal. Add in an arch lamp, a soft sheepskin pillow and abstract art and you have a recipe for design success that’s as Straight(forward) as an Arrow.

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