Nate Berkus: Spendy vs Savvy

If you are like most red-blooded Americans, you’ve seen your share of Oprah shows. Over the years we’ve been introduced to people who have since become part of the collective American Cultural Consciousness. For example, if we just pluck a few characters from the bouquet of Oprahs besties, we get gal pal Gayle King, from whom we get a sense of what it’s like to pal around with pre and post- billionairess Oprah. We also get Doctor Phil, who perhaps single-handedly introduced into the American English vernacular, the phrase, “How’s that working for ya?” in reference to situations, habits and decisions that are almost NEVER working for ya.

Standing out from the others, we’ve had a design crush on Oprah’s BF bestie, Nate Berkus, ever since seeing him describe his first design memory. He was eight years old and redecorated his bedroom; What can we say? We at LookNook can SO relate. Nate Berkus, we think you are adorable and talented AND that you should partner with LookNook (as we collectively make the pretend telephone gesture with thumbs and pinky fingers to our ears and whisper: Call us). In the spirit of our abiding affection for you and your designs, we took inspiration from one of your rooms and are featuring it in this month’s Spendy vs. Savvy. Everyone should have a BFF as cute as you and a living room as lovely as this.

This room is inspired by Nate Berkus’ Chicago abode. Glamorous, vintage, and explicitly tasteful, a set of two resin tortoise shells hangs next to a framed vintage cactus print, bringing some organic elements into the room. We love the mixed pieces of furniture in neutral colors, the chartreuse accents which freshen the space and the bold geometric print rug which adds some dramatic visual interest.


Coming in at just under $5,000, our version of this designer room is, we’d imagine, much more savvy. 90% of the Nate Burkus’ space contains vintage or antique pieces, including a pair of Chinese chippendale bamboo chairs with gold leaf and plenty of valuable art. We dig your room, Nate, but can’t afford your spendy vibe. So, we got savvy and in the spirit of homage, knocked it off. What do you all think? How’d we do?

Sources: Custom closet / / Living room / / Nate Burkus’s Chicago pad


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