Get in Touch with Your Inner Screen Siren: Go Hollywood Regency

How do you want to feel when you have a few spare moments to luxuriate in your bed? Are you more silk pajamas than flannel? Do you like your linens trimmed in a Greek Key pattern? Do you find yourself drawn to fur throws? Do you look in your closet and wonder if there’s enough headroom to install a chandelier? If so, you might need to go a little Hollywood in your bedroom.

The sleek and stylish look known as Hollywood Regency has been around since, well, the Golden Age of Hollywood, and it is BACK (like Joan Crawford with a wire hanger!) If you can picture yourself recuperating from a stressful day (or a case of the vapors) on a tufted velvet fainting couch, this look might be for you.

In the Golden Age of Hollywood, this style evolved from movie sets and early publicists of studio stars. Judy Garland would not be caught dead making an omelet in her sweatpants, and if you agree, you may find that you are drawn to the detailed styling and glossy textures of this look.

When it first emerged as a ‘look’ the big studios saw the value in designing clothing, spaces, and furniture to convey the glamour that the rest of the country could not grasp during the Depression. Hollywood Regency has evolved from divalicious chinoiserie, botanicals, lacquer finishes, luxurious fabrics, and dramatic accessories to a more tempered look—accessorized with flair and whimsy, and touches of luxury to be sure, but not so much that a girl must click around the apartment in a silk dressing gown and ostrich mules. (That is optional of course, and if you opt, then you are a true diva, and I bow down to your bad self.)

Today, the freshest Hollywood Regency is reminiscent of what might happen if it were possible for Studio 54 and Art Deco to enjoy conjugal visits in a penthouse somewhere high above all the great, unwashed masses. Sprinkle on a little hallucinogenic Jonathan Adler and a healthy dose of Golden Era Hollywood and you’ve got a tufted, leathery, furry, black lamp-shaded, sleek, and above-all, chic party on your well-manicured hands.


Chic and refined while still managing to be playful, this french-inspired dining room is dressed to kill. The chic gold and wood table, soft Persian rug, and metallic gold accents come together flawlessly to make evenings spent in this room an intimate affair.

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