Go Forth, Baby North

This gorgeous nursery is elegant and beautiful while having a very practical purpose for a cele-baby such as yourself. After all, where does one go to from a $14K Swarovski crystal-studded high chair from your Auntie B. and Uncle Jay-Z?

This North by North West nursery would do – there’s a crystal chandelier, come on! We are certain that while you and your mom remain on paparazzi lockdown, you would want your whole family to be camera-ready for just the moment when Grandmomager, Kris Jenner, negotiates the terms for your first official baby pics. Or even, in true Hollywood Regency style, a major-mag cover girl contract. (LookNook hears the latest figure is approaching $4 million!)

The ornate detailing on the crib and the lavish chandelier are fit for Gold-Digs such as these. And, the inclusion of mirrors and mirrored surfaces in this nursery will keep you, your mama, your papa, and the papa-paparazzi on their well-groomed toes.

Go Forth, Baby North and work it. LookNook’s got you covered.


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