July Pours Fourth

Summer is party time and no month says summer party quite like July, and more specifically, the 4th of July speaks to days off, entertaining, and perhaps travel. If you aren’t traveling, then there’s a good chance you are hosting. Recent trends in food and beverage have grillmasters perfecting their signature dishes, and mixologists getting patrons in touch with their drink palettes, so we at LookNook challenge our friends to take the whole “signature” trend one step further. We’ve all hosted friends; we’ve all been hosted. What does it take to be a “signature host?”

Nothing’s more hospitable than a warm welcome. So, welcome your friends with open arms, and never, no matter how socially awkward a situation may be, extend an invite that is anything less than sincere.

Hosting with Care:
Make your guests feel at home. Provide easy-access morning set-ups for basic refreshment and grooming–coffee and showers with clean linens afterward are everybody’s friends. If your house is quirky—stuck door, hard to operate light switches, etc. show your guests how to troubleshoot. Extra keys and instructions for how you like your house locked, which lights to leave on, etc., are helpful for everyone.

Hosting with Flare:
You already have guests, why not host a patio party? You don’t have to go over-the-top with the menu; a simple barbeque, a potluck, beer and wine, or sangria and ample seating invites everyone to come and chill out on a hot day. Hosting a party when you have guests is especially helpful when your guests may know people in your town, since they can gather at once and cross a lot of mandatory “must-sees” off the list in one afternoon/evening.

Styling your event:
Start with the tablescape. Whether you use a cocktail table or a traditional dining table, why not get away from traditional Stars and Stripes decor, which is really only useful one day of the year? We suggest doing something more seasonal and versatile such as, beachy muted tones, bold pops of cantina colors, or inject your place settings with graphic nautical or botanical designs. Here’s a blog post from CoCo Kelley that we think has a bit of everything.

Next, focus on seating. Whether your seating options are patched together, or part of a cohesive set, arrange seating to encourage conversation. Perhaps create a visual ‘room’ by using outdoor carpets around which to arrange your seating. Make sure that guests have a place to set their drinks by providing side tables or garden stools.

Set the mood by providing ambient lighting. String lights, tabletop lanterns, candle sconces, and hanging pendants provide a softer festive glow than standard outdoor lighting fixtures. A bubbling fountain or a flickering firepit complete the vibe.

For more summertime patio looks, check out some of our favorites.


July Pours Fourth Patio

Nothing says summer like an outdoor party! When the sun goes down, flip on your string lights, retire to more casual seating and wait for the fireworks to begin, all the while enjoying your July Pours Fourth Patio.

Take A Chill Pill Patio

Take A Chill Pill Patio

Take a Chill Pill and relax on a hot summer evening by enjoying this laid back patio design. Set a casual and eclectic vibe with mixed seating, including a rocker, (what’s more mellow than rocking away the hours?) and ambient outdoor lighting options.

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