ProTips: Three Hue Color Schemes

Psst, wanna know a secret? I’m going to let you in on a great way to add enough flare to a room to make it appear to have been designed by a professional. Complexity in design is key, and its super simple to achieve. The trick is to blend three or more hues within a single space. Don’t get overwhelmed! Incorporating multiple colors into a small space can seem daunting, but when done correctly, the result will be an awesome design that has both interest and balance.

Don’t rush into a color scheme, take some time to select the perfect combination. Choosing the right colors for your scheme can be done in a couple of ways, but I really like using defined color harmonies. I’ll grab my color wheel and select several hues that fall within one of three harmonies: triadic, analogous, or split complementary. Another, perhaps easier, way is to gain inspiration from a colorful statement piece. Find a multi-colored accent pillow, duvet cover, slipper chair, or piece of art and pull three colors from the composition that appeal to you. That’s it, the first part is over!

Tri it 2

Once all three colors are decided on, select one to be the dominant hue in the space. I recommend choosing a neutral color to be used as the dominant hue. The two supplementary colors should be bold, and used a bit more sparingly. Variations of these two supplementary colors can be incorporated for balance.

A couple of tips: don’t get caught up on everything being completely matching. Remember, complexity is ideal! Mix and match patterns, textures, and variations of the three colors you selected. Keep one color as the dominant base, and incorporate the supplementary colors equally to achieve balance. Easy enough, you can turn your once monochromatic design into a colorful room with complexity!

What are some of your favorite three-hue color schemes?

Don’t be afraid to be bold with a triadic scheme like this Kaleidoscope Dining Room…greatness has never happened by playing it safe.

Inspired by the geometric drawing toy, this Spunky Spirograph Bedroom is a weave of intricacy and simplicity. This red, coral, blue, and gray room is sure to create a dazzling display of analogous and complementary colors.

With the triad of bright colors intermingling in this design, your game room is sure to be a playful success with your family! This split complementary Boom Boom Game Room will surely bring a smile to anyone who enters it!

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