AMLI Aesthetic

If you know anything about Austin, you know it is a city on the move. Making Austin your home gives you the best of many worlds; the warm friendliness of living in the heartland, the soul of living in the south, and the pride of living among proud Texans; it’s all here in one vibrant and livable city. Austin’s laid back urban lifestyle attracts people from all over the world to work, study and play here. Like other city-dwellers, discerning Austinites are looking for prime locations, gorgeous views, lifestyle amenities and livable floor plans for the best in apartment living. Austin’s AMLI properties offer seven locations throughout the city, all of which offer upscale luxury living, green initiatives, stunning surroundings and convenient locations. The vibe is cheerful and modern and is what we at LookNook have dubbed the ‘AMLI Aesthetic.’

The AMLI Aesthetic reflects a modern sensibility. It is urban but warm, cheerful but chic, and streamlined so you can make the most of city life. To celebrate Austin’s finest apartment living, and the launch of LookNook, our Design Team was inspired to create several designs that embody and celebrate the AMLI Aesthetic as well as the people who choose to call the AMLI on 2nd home. You don’t have to be an Austinite, or live at an AMLI property to enjoy these designs, but you will wish you did.

Bold & Beautiful Living Room

Bold & Beautiful Living Room

Those into modern design may find something that works for their urban dwelling with the Blonde Bombshell Bedroom, the Bold & Beautiful Living Room, and the Freshly Squeezed Citrus Patio.

Worldly Bedroom

Worldly Bedroom


Eclectic design lovers will feel at ease in the Worldly Bedroom, the Come in, Cool Out Living Room, and the Marvelous Miscellaneous Dining Room.

Taverna Dining Room

Taverna Dining Room

Trendy tribal design can be found in the Patterns & Textures Bedroom, the Taverna Dining Room, the Culturally Diverse Living Room, and the 2nd Street Patio.


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