Mixing Metals

In fashion and in decor there are rules.

Take metallics, for example.There was a time in the not so distant past when mixing metallic finishes was a kind of unhappy accident. This was true in the case of adorning one’s self with jewelry, and it was the case in decor. Well the times, they are a-changing.

Recent trends have taken a turn away from the love affair with stainless steel finishes in decor. For awhile there, it seemed no renovation or redecorating was complete until every surface was stainless steel. People’s kitchens started looking like operating rooms. Today? Not so.

Metallics don’t have to be cold and sterile. These days we are seeing warm mash ups of copper, brass, brushed stainless, chrome, and bronze. You don’t need to think in terms of a huge investment. A little goes a long way in terms of metallics.

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Metallic finishes compliment all colors. For example, brass and navy blue? Yeah baby! Or, white and bronze? Unexpectedly fresh. No style or taste is exempt from the sparkly magic of metal. Even in the smallest doses, they are a great way to spread a little light around your space without actually using electricity. For example, a gold bowl to catch your keys and spare change in your entrance is practical and pretty, and who among us can live without ever losing track of our keys again?

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Some metallic touches on a mantel or side table catches the light and your eye and adds a bit of drama and bling. And, some brass barstools are a completely unexpected addition to a breakfast bar. There are so many ways to ‘bring the bling’ to your space.

This living room is one of our favorites that showcases the way mixing metals can have a great impact on the decor in your home. Don’t fear the metallics, embrace them!



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